Florida Fish  & Wildlife (FWC) Hunter Safety Course

The Hernando Sportsman's Club, in cooperation with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commision, offers the State Certified Hunters Safety Course.  

This course covers the following topics:

Guns & Wildlife Laws              Hunting Ethics
Firearms Nomenclature          Ammunition Nomenclature
Safe Gun Handling                   Wildlife I.D.
Field First Aid                           Survival
Black Powder Firearms           Wildlife Management
Bow Hunting                             Marksmanship

"It's the Law".....A person born on or after June 1, 1975, may not be issued a license to hunt animal life with the use of a firearm (including muzzleloader), bow, or crossbow in the State of Florida without first having successfully completed a hunter safety course.

There is no charge for the course.  All equipment and course materials are provided.

The traditional hunter safety course is approximately 16 hours of classroom instruction over two days, typically Saturday and Sunday, and includes range time. 

For those taking the online course, approximately 6 hours of range time is required to complete the online course.

To sign-up for a hunter safety course, please call the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (Lakeland office) at 863-648-3200, or you may pre-register online at:

2019 Hunter Safety Course dates offered at the Hernando Sportsman's Club include:
March 30 & 31 (Traditional Class): 8am - 5pm, both days
April 14 (Online Course students - range time only): 8am - 2pm
June 30 (Online Course students - range time only):  8am - 2pm
Oct 12 & 13 (Traditional Class) : 8am - 5pm, both days

Advanced Archery:
Sept 29 (Online Course students - range time only): 8am until complete