This page provides answers to some common questions about the club.

I. Do I have to be a club member to use the ranges?
No, you do not have to be a member to use our ranges. The range is open to the public. You are invited to visit the club Tuesday through Sunday, and participate in shooting activities on our ranges and competitions, which are also monitored by range safety officers and/or match directors.

II. Does the club sell ammunition?
Yes, the club sells a variety of more popular calibers of ammunition, including .22, 9mm, 38 special, .45, .223, etc. Please check with the range officer staff for what is in stock.
The club also sells reloading components, eye and ear protection, t-shirts, and a variety of other retail goods.

III. Can I shoot on any range?
You are invited to shoot on any of the ranges that are open. An open range requires the presence of a club range officer.

IV. How do I become a member?
Completed Membership Applications can be submitted to the club house or mailed to P.O. Box 10754, Brooksville, FL 34603 along with a check or money order.
Memberships to our club are "family memberships" and include you, your spouse, and your children 21 years of age and under living at home. Members are able to shoot $1 per day per person on pistol ranges and 25-yd/50-yd/100-yd rifle ranges;  and $5 per series on the trap and skeet fields, and $5.50 per series on 5-stand.
Our family membership also includes one guest card per year which enables the family to bring 5 guests to the range to shoot at member rates.

V. How much does membership cost?
Membership cost for the first year is a one time initiation fee of $300, plus $100 annual dues for a total of $400.00.
Thereafter, yearly annual dues are $100 to keep your membership active.
Life membership is no longer available.

VI. Are there any rules that need to be followed while at the range?


1. Club Range Officers must be present for range to be open. Everyone must obey all Range Officer commands immediately. The Chief Range Officer for the day has the final authority for range safety.

2. Sign in with Range Officer before shooting. By signing in, you agree that you understand and will obey all range rules. If unsure, ask the Range Officer for help.

3. Eye and ear protection is required.

4. Only one loaded firearm per shooter on the line at any time. Never leave a loaded firearm unattended.

5. Youths must stay with parent at all times.

6. Keep muzzle pointed downrange and finger out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot.

7. No one is permitted forward of the firing line until the line is declared safe by the Range Officer. Do not handle firearms while the line is safe. All persons must remain behind the RED LINE during safe line periods unless down range changing targets.

8. Shoot at authorized targets only. Steel targets owned by the Club are for .22 rimfire only. No steel is to be placed closer than 25 yards from the firing line. Targets are subject to approval by the Range Officer. Shoot only targets in your firing lane.

9. All shooting must be controlled within the shooters ability. All shots must impact the berm behind your target. Do not place targets on top of berms. No holstered drawing or hipshooting allowed. Control the muzzle at all times.

10. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. Do not shoot if you are taking medication that impairs your ability to safely handle a firearm.

11. 50 BMG or larger not allowed on the open range.    Muzzle loaders and shotgun excepted. No tracer, incendiary or explosive ammo allowed.    50 BMG are only allowed on the 200-yd range when it is open for general practice, which is typically every 4th Saturday of the month.

12. No foul language will be tolerated. No food, drinks or smoking permitted forward of the RED FIRING LINE. Turn off all cell phones. Horseplay and other unsafe activity is prohibited. Please leave the range cleaner than you found it.

13. All uncased firearms must be unloaded, actions open, muzzle pointed up until brought to the firing line. Case and uncase firearms on the firing line only.

VII. What is the age limit at the Hernando Sportsman's Club?
All shooting must be controlled within the shooter's ability regardless of age.  The club offers both 4-H shooting sports and the Junior 22 youth programs, where training in marksmanship and safe handling of firearms are offered. Whether at the youth programs or on the open range, children MUST be supervised by an adult.\ at ALL times.  Particularly while the child is shooting, the adult must be in direct control of the child. The adult can NOT be shooting along side while the child is shooting.  On the Open Range, 12 years old and under are only allowed to shoot a .22 cal rifle.

VIII. Does the Hernando Sportsman's Club offer training that satisfies the requirement for a Florida concealed carry license?
The Hernando Sportsman's Club, an NRA affiliate, has sponsored training programs for over 30 years to help promote safety in the shooting sports. A class in firearms safety and shooting is offered twice each month, which will also qualify for application of a carry license.